Albeit speculative, the risk of an ARK ETF is more calculated and spread out than myself picking a stock. ARK is 10% of my portfolio with the. I am not well versed with the funds and etfs in the US market so pardon me for asking this, how are other funds/etf's by ARK performing? Some. Cathie Wood's Ark Invest Earns $M In Fees While Investors Lose Nearly $10B In Flagship Fund: Report - ARK Innovation ETF (ARCA:ARKK). Sorry. About Reddit · Advertise · Help · Blog · Careers Should I sell ARK investment funds at a huge loss to buy VTI/VXUS? r/investing icon. r/. About Reddit · Advertise · Help · Blog · Careers Invest released a satirical video making fun of value and non-growth oriented investing.

Sell ARKK to take the tax loss and buy ARKG or similar. They'll move the same for 30 days until you can buy back to ARKK to avoid wash rule. NTA. So many great picks in those ETFs. SQ, BABA, TECHY, Z, MELI, SE, DOCU, TWLO, SPLK that's just some of the ARK holdings. I'm a big fan of ARKG. The problem with the ARK funds is that Cathie constantly trades them. If the holdings were more stable there would at least be a better chance. If someone is investing because 'God told them to Why buy other stocks will outperform ark? r/stocks icon. r/stocks · AMZN still at Get out of any ARK or any company you dont understand. Buy a cheaper index fund if you do not want to read annual reports and just ride the. r/investing Current search is within r/investing. Remove r/investing filter and expand search to all of Reddit. TRENDING TODAY. Search for. We don't put our long term investments in unproven and riskier funds. It just doesn't make sense. The majority of our retirement (as per the. Some points on each area of what's driving all the anguish among ARK holders: Stock picking - Professional investors have been saying from the. They also invest fixed amount of capital in large rounds once every year or two at a fair valuation based on fundamentals and expectations. ARK. I constantly see Reddit communities bag on ARK and Cathie, but it commonly comes with inaccurate assumptions of technique, performance, skill. The fact that their research is public and free means it's nothing more than marketing for their ETFs. Of course it's highly optimistic. ARK.

Those ARK funds are fascinating to me - total speculating by a weirdo who gets her investment ideas from God. And yes I know - this is an. Everyone is always praising Cathie Wood and Ark Invest for their long term focus, and they always talk about a 5 year outlook, but the. Still waiting waiting waiting for my Emerge ETF investment to get unfrozen. This resulted to ARK, Cathy and her prodigy at Emerge. Total garbage. What is the recovery scheme? Invest in one of the stocks they tell you. You put your money in it and they can manipulate the stock price to show. I bought the ARK Investment ETF back in My investment is down heavily. Below is the summary. ARKG / ARK Genomic Revolution ETF / down. It's been a rough for famed money manager Cathie Wood, chief executive of Ark Investment Management, as her exchange-traded funds sink. Find the best posts and communities about Ark Invest on Reddit. ARK, home of the flagship ARK Innovation ETF ARKK, tops the list for value destruction. After garnering huge asset flows in and Sorry to Hijack this thread but maybe other ARK holders have a similar dilemma. New to investing and I too invested in ARKK @ & ARKG @

If someone is investing because 'God told them to Why buy other stocks will outperform ark? r/stocks icon. r/stocks · AMZN still at So the right question isnt whether or not you should buy ARK or whatever fund, its whether or not you should invest in Cathy and her crew. Real lesson here: dollar cost average S&P over a long horizon and stop pretending you're smarter than everyone else. That's investing. Ark, the Florida of investing. Upvote stock portfolio? 10 upvotes · 24 comments. r/Superstonk icon. r/Superstonk Reddit · reReddit: Top. TLDR: don't buy another dime of ARKK, the way I see it, it either makes fresh ATHs in a few years or never recovers. Odds are not favorable for.

Its quite painful to cut with those losses. Arkg and arkk are stocks that are long term than short term.. if you have holding power I think it. Buying any ARK is about believing in Cathy and her focus on disruptive innovation. She had one great year which is not a reason to invest. In conjunction with those investor flows, the Ark ETFs have developed what by any industry standard represent HUGE holdings in many of the. Hi, welcome to r/investing. Please note that as a topic focused subreddit we have higher posting standards than much of Reddit: 1) Please direct. Remove r/CanadianInvestor filter and expand search to all of Reddit Cathy wood is not investing in meme stocks Here is why I would never buy.

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